Ila Portable Door Alarm Wedge

Door wedges are useful so that your expensively fitted door will not cause any marks on the doorframe should a strong gust of wind blows through your home, and it also works handy in keeping a door in place so that it won’t shut by itself – but it is no guarantee against poltergeist activity! One interesting question is this – will a standard door wedge be able to amount to anything more than its designated purpose?
The answer is yes – in the form of the Ila Portable Door Alarm Wedge. This £14.95 gizmo is the perfect traveling companion, especially when you are living in an unfamiliar city, putting up in a new hotel or hostel. The Ila Portable Door Alarm Wedge can be turned on and slipped under your bedroom door before you have your sleep for the night, and when anyone tries to intrude, it will automatically set off a shrill alarm – hopefully you don’t sleep like the dead and try to look for the snooze button on your alarm clock!