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Ila Dusk's Personal Screaming Alarm – Hope You Never Need It

I worry about safety quite often, probably more than I should. Mostly, I worry about my daughter, she’s nine years old and I sometimes wonder if I have made her too aware of dangerous things, or worse, not aware enough. How do you protect yourself and your children? What exactly should she do if a stranger approached her? Yes, we have gone over the scenario plenty of times, but if any of us really were in a bad situation, how can we be sure how we would react? Well, the Personal Screaming Alarm might be able to give you, or someone you love, a voice when they need it the most. The Screaming Alarm looks very much like a small MP3 type device, common electronic or decoration, but in reality, this little powerhouse emits an ear-piercing 130 decibel scream that sounds just like a woman in really big trouble. Check the video after the break. Unfortunately, most common alarm sounds are just part of everyday life. When is the last time you even stopped to look for a car that had an alarm sounding, much less call the police? I guess the advantage you gain with the Ila Dusk Personal Alarm is the element of surprise. Kept dangling from your handbag, you only need to pull the linked chain attached to the bottom of the unit and it will emit an ear piercing female scream that will hopefully, make any attacker think twice, or at least give you that extra second you might need to run away. I don’t even have to think about giving one to my kid, its totally safe. She cant hurt herself or anyone else, so she doesnt have to be afraid to use it (unlike with mace or pepper spray) and once you hear it, you’ll see that people will take notice, and maybe thats half the battle, getting people to take notice. The Personal Screaming Alarm is available from for under 30 bucks. ]]>