iKids Play helps soothe rowdy kids

The holiday season often involves a whole lot of travel, and regardless of the mode of transport, kids will be kids. You will certainly be bombarded with questions such as “Are we there yet?” for at least a few hundred times, even more so if you’re on a long road trip instead of taking a flight that affords more mercies for your ears. After all, children these days tend to get bored much easier compared to their counterparts a generation back mainly because of the environment they grow up in – there are just too many distractions around and they need to be “wowed” in order to capture their attention. Good for you if you own an iPhone – you’ll be able to load it up with the iKids Play software that offers five fun, creative and positive alternatives to gaming for “i” generation kids.

iKids Play activities will rely on the iPhone’s unique strengths, using tactile and fine motor skills, spatial coordination, color recognition, listening skills, and practice reading books aloud to help keep them riveted to the device without flooding everyone in the car with the same inane questions for the umpteenth time. Well, at least this is much better compared to some of the kids-based garbage offered on the DS if you’re into portable entertainment. This is actually the classic “mommy survival bag” that has been updated to meet the needs of kids in the 21st century, packed with storybooks, coloring books, drawing pads, crayons and pencils has been digitally redesigned as a downloadable application.

For those who want a physical preview, you can pick up print versions of the children’s picture books at bookstores or online, while newer iKids Play books will be made available for purchase once a month at the Apple Apps Store in order to keep things fresh.

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