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The iKettle wants you to have a swell day

There’s nothing like a nice hot cup of tea in the morning. It wakes you up, gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling inside, and preps you for the day ahead. If you are as fond of hot beverages as I am, then one cup is normally just the beginning of many to come. However, our natural laziness deters us from making it as often as we’d like.

The idea of having a butler or maid bringing you tea throughout the day is a nice one, but most certainly something we can’t afford. In our unrelenting quest to make our lives easier, we looks towards gadgets and gizmos. Sometimes they can do the work for us, or cut down on our load. While making a cup of tea isn’t necessarily a difficult task, the iKettle will make it a little more easy.

This hot pot can be controlled through an app on your phone, and can also act as a wake up call. It will send you a text in the morning asking if you’d like a cuppa, and you can program it to ask you again as you’re coming home from work. Of course, you can also turn it on pretty much any time from your phone as well, just make sure you remembered to put in plenty of water. It doesn’t have an internal element, and is made of stainless steel, so it can stand being on for a while. There are different heat setting for different types of tea or coffee, and also has an option for keeping warm. This will cost you around $160, and will likely have you drinking more tea than you ever intended to.

Available for pre-order at Firebox

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