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The Ikemoto Baseball Brush Cleaner – take care of your gear


Sports are generally played outside, which means that the people, clothing, and the sport ball of choice are going to get dirty every once in a while. We wash our clothes and shower off if we feel gross, but our equipment usually silently suffers being caked with dirt and muck. The fact that its unsightly isn’t as much of an problem, as the bigger issue at hand is that the dirt buildup will eventually start ruining your gear.

If you are a hardcore baseball fan, then you likely care more about keeping your equipment in good shape than someone who plays for fun in the summer now and again. In the same vein that you would shine your shoes to keep the exterior in good condition, the Ikemoto Baseball Brush Cleaner will do the same for your baseball. Not only will these take off surface dirt, but they can return your favorite ball to its original bright color.

There are two versions of this brush cleaner, Hakkyu, a softer brush that will whiten the ball, and Rookie, a harder brush to remove mud. As helpful as these would be, they run $35 a piece, meaning you’d have to spend $70 or more to get the full set. If baseball is your main hobby though, its not unthinkable since we usually have no problem spending $25 a week on Starbucks.

Available for purchase on JapanTrendShop

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