The iJector projects iPod and iPhone video

ijectorProjectors are getting pretty popular these days amongst businesses and consumers, and we are still not to the point where all of us can have a projector on our cellular phone for our video footage.

I suppose this is why the iJector was invented. All the user needs to do is stick their iPhone or iPod on the dock, and you can project them at a great brightness at up to 50 inch diagonal. The resolution has a low resolution at about 557 x 234.

It weighs in at about 120 grams and has dimensions of 195x145x96mm. The brightness level is at 20 lumens, and the lamp can stand about 30,000 hours.

The iJector is one of those “made for iPod” products that should work for most iPod products, and is compatible with the following:

iPod nano generation 1
iPod nano generation 2
iPod nano generation 3
iPod video generation 5 30 GB
iPod video generation 5 50 GB
iPod Classic 80GB
iPod Classic 160GB
iPod touch 8GB
iPod touch 16GB
iPod touch 32GB
iPhone 3.0

Suspiciously absent from this bulleted list is the iPhone 3GS. Uh-oh.

The iJector is a licensed Apple product and costs $700. It looks like it will be available in Japan only, on July 17.