iHome releases new products with integrated iPod docks


If you enjoy having your iPhone or iPod integrated with all of your technology, you’ll enjoy this new line of iHome products.  They add docks into products you’d normally have lying around anyway.  Such as adding a spot for your iPhone or iPod into a keyboard.  Then it’s always within reach and it can charge up.  There won’t be the issue of added cords that way either or a random dock sitting on your desk.  It’s just another part of the current technology and it looks great.

There are two separate additions to the group that iHome signed a licensing agreement with LifeWorks Technology Group to create.  They are in true Apple style too, holding to the nice sleek lines that go with a lot of Apple products.  The range includes the iConnect Media Keyboard, which can be purchased for $149.  Which isn’t too bad since there’s an attached dock, but hopefully you have a fairly wide keyboard drawer.  Then there is also the iStand Notebook Media Bundle that includes an embedded dock for the iPhone and iPod.  It can be purchased for the slightly more expensive $299.

Source: GizmoWatch