The iHome iPod Docks get a Barbie theme

Instead of coming out with tons of fancy new models to add to their iHome collection, iHome is just adding a new finish for their old players.  This one to make their various iPod docks appeal to a much younger crowd.  Also a much younger very female bunch.  The ones that still love those tiny plastic Barbie shoes and find Ken’s bright white smile to be absolutely dreamy.  Thankfully they come in a range of sizes and prices to appeal to any parent’s budget.

Having more than one Barbie themed iHome iPod dock to choose from should make things a lot easier.  Although hopefully the girl you’re buying one for won’t grow out of her love of Barbie too fast.  The first choice is the small Barbie iHome Portable Stereo Speaker System that’ll only cost you $19.99.  Then is the Barbie Portable Water Resistant Stereo Sport Case that is priced at $39.99.  The middle sized dock is the Barbie iHome Dual Alarm Clock, set at $49.99.  That last of the bunch is the Barbie iHome Portable Stereo Speaker System for $79.99  all of which can be found through Toys R’ Us.  The nice thing with these is that you could easily read reviews on the original iHome versions of them to find out if these are going to be the right fit.

Source: ChipChick