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iHome iP76 LED color changing speaker tower

There are speakers, and then to jazz things up a bit in your humble abode, there are speaker towers. The iHome iP76 can be said to reside in the latter category, sporting a full name of the iHome iP76 LED color changing speaker tower. Well, what makes this speaker tower from iHome so different from the rest that you might want to check it out for yourself? For starters, the name itself gives the game away – you are able to experience a snazzy light show as you listen to your favorite tunes being played back over this particular speaker. Not only does the light show dazzle the eyes, your ears, too, will be treated to quality audio although I would say this particular model will target the average home user and not an audiophile, who will surely have a thing or two (or perhaps far more) to criticize about. Those who want to spruce up your pad will certainly be able to do well with the iHome iP76 LED color changing speaker tower. After all, it does come with Bluetooth connectivity so that there will be far less cables for you to worry about in your home. Standing proud at three feet tall, this décor-enhancing showpiece will come with 16 multi-color LED clusters which are more than capable of churning out exciting light effects while delivering smooth sounds thanks to the quartet of high performance speakers. Not only that, as mentioned earlier, the untethered audio experience will let you live a life of freedom thanks to Bluetooth connectivity. Evan Stein, Director of Marketing, iHome, said, “With its unique design and color-changing capabilities, the iP76 is both a visual and audio delight that is as much fun to look at as it is to listen to. Most importantly, the speaker tower produces vibrant audio for your listening pleasure.” The iP76 LED Color Changing Tower Bluetooth Stereo Speaker System is capable of turning any living room into a private disco alcove, thanks to its vibrant colors and streaming music from Bluetooth-enabled devices. It will be able to juice up power hungry iPhones and iPods when docked, and is also more than capable of sending video content from your device to your TV courtesy of its integrated component video outputs. The asking price for this puppy? $199.99. Too bad it isn’t even listed on the company page just yet. Company Page ]]>