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iHome iGV1 is a bedside speaker that plays nice with Google Assistant

iHome-iGV1When it comes to owning a speaker, some of us might want to settle for a rugged, outdoor speaker that is able to get the job done by entertaining a sizeable crowd without being terrified of getting wet or dropped. Well, there is a different category of speakers for indoor models, one that you place by your bedside to crank out soothing tunes as you try to grab some shuteye. iHome has come up with the iGV1, an elegant music system that will integrate Google Assistant into an ultra-modern alarm clock form factor which boasts of a sleek at-a-glance clock as well as next alarm display, in addition to the all important integrated snooze button.

Sporting a clean white shell, the iHome iGV1 would not find it to be too much of a hassle to fit in any kind of home decor, alongside other products that will also be compatible with Google Assistant. It boasts of a phantom dimmable display with an option for the user to turned it off completely, ensuring that folks who find it impossible to sleep unless they are in a pitch-black sleeping environment will be able to get their fair share of shuteye. A gray fabric speaker grill helps make the iGV1 the perfect addition, aesthetically speaking, to any room of the house.

Having it play nice with Google Assistant will also ensure that the iGV1 delivers another way to interact with it, while functioning as an alarm clock at the same time. Once the iGV1’s alarm clock goes off, the user can tap the integrated snooze button, or choose to turn the alarm off and kick off their day by asking Google Assistant to perform tasks such as turning on the lights, or perhaps to get the coffee maker going and making adjustments to the thermostat, all without having to get out of bed.

Other features of the iHome iGV1 include Google Cast Wi-Fi music playback and wireless Bluetooth support, a single USB port to juice up mobile devices, and time synchronization over NTP that ensures clock accuracy over Wi-Fi networks.

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