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iHome Classic Alarm Clock and Clock Radios deliver wireless charging capability

ihome-solutionsWhen it comes to the traditional alarm clock, not too any homes carry that any more these days. Rather, most of us rely on our smartphones to get the job done. In fact, we might even no longer have a single, proper alarm clock left at home. iHome has come up with its fair share of alarm clock radios in the past, where some models could even change the color accordingly. Well, this time around, there are two more models being made available for the masses — and that would be the all new iHome iBN350 Bluetooth alarm clock which can wirelessly charge Qi compatible devices as well as pair via Bluetooth in a jiffy using NFC. The other model would be the all-new iPLWBT5 clock radio, allowing you to juice up your iPhone and Apple Watch while you sleep, letting both devices tackle your day ahead when you awake.

Perfect for the bedroom, it does not matter whether you settle for the iHome iPLWBT5 or the iBN350. Either one will be able to deliver excellent sound quality as well as support a wide range of music sources, such as Apple Lightning and FM radio (iPLWBT5 only), Bluetooth streaming, USB audio, and aux-in. Not only that, the clocks will both arrive with an integrated microphone as well as advanced acoustic echo cancellation, allowing you to make use of the speakerphone feature without having to experience a loss in audio quality.

The $129.99 iPLWBT5 will be integrated with both Apple Watch and iPhone Lightning chargers, making it a snap to juice up two devices simultaneously. Not only that, Android users with Qi-compatible devices are also not left out of the loop thanks to the $129.99 IBN350 which lets you lay your compatible smartphone or device face up, right on top of the unit in order to have it charge sans any wires or messy cables. There is also the option to charge a secondary device thanks to the USB port.

Any takers for either home alarm clock?

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