iHeart Diary Electronic Locket for the modern day diary author

iheartWe have seen something called the iHeart Dock in the past, but this time around, here we are with the $24.99 iHeart Diary Electronic Locket which will be something different, as you would look downright weird if you were to dock an entire iPod onto your necklace, no? That would have to be one large necklace to begin with in the first place, and the iHeart Diary Electronic Locket is something which the fairer sex would definitely appreciate – as it allows you to pen down your thoughts in an unconventional way. All you need to do is talk to it, and it will “write” down what you say.

Just how does it work? Basically, the iHeart Diary Electronic Locket functions as a key to your electronic diary. All you need to do is to push a button on the locket, and it will send a special code to the iHeart Locket Diary App which is a free download. This particular app would enable you to shoot photos, capture voice memos and notes, among others, so that you can have all of those pleasant memories tucked away for posterity. Android device owners will have to sit this one out, as it is compatible only with iOS devices.