4862_image4_ihat1_femaleYes, there are a lot of iPod or other MP3 speakers out there, and most of them begin with “i”. I suppose what makes the iHat unique is the fact that it is seasonal.

Seasonal, meaning made for the winter season. It’s getting colder where I am living, and I could use a hat to keep warm. If the hat happens to have a speaker in each ear, then more power to it. Now if it was made to be wireless, I guarantee that every skier would want to wear one of these.

The iHat is compatible with anything that has a headphone jack, but I’m not certain how good the sound is. In fact, I was wondering if you could turn the hat inside out and use it as an iPod speaker and rock the room. The good news is that you don’t need batteries or any power but a charged iPod for the iHat.

Isn’t there some hip hop fashion that uses winter hats, all year round? Perhaps this iHat is for them. Doesn’t Emenim wear a hat like this? I really need to get more into modern day music these days.

Anyway, the iHat should be available from the BB shopping website for about $25 on December 14.