iGo Power Smart Wall

pm00112004_mI had a chance to visit iGo’s meeting room at CES last week, and they promised me a product that could help me get rid of the “Vampire Power”. Even though I’m not a Twilight fan, they had me at the word Vampire.

iGo explained to me that devices that are turned off and plugged into the wall still consume power. This is the Vampire Power that they were talking about, and devices like this Power Smart Wall will cause me to suck less (power).

The Power Smart Wall is about the size of an ordinary outlet with 2 plugs. It fits right over the outlet, and the Wall itself has 4 outlets that the user can use. Two of these outlets are for devices that are always on, that need continuous power. The other two use iGo Green Technology, and will automatically power down the outlets when not in use. For example, if you have a laptop that is already charged, the Power Smart Wall will cut the unnecessary power that it would have drawn.

According to iGo, the Power Smart Wall can “reduce standby power by up to 85 percent”. Dang, is that a big boast, or what? By the way, if a user needs power on a device that is plugged into the iGo Green outlets, he or she can simply push the “Instant On” button, and power will be freely given. The Power Smart Wall is also equipped for surge protection, with an LED indicator.

All in all, the Power Smart Wall is something that every household needs: a way of reducing power. You can purchase it at the iGo store here for about $29.99.