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igloohome reveals Smart Padlock

igloohome-smart-padlockThe humble home has gotten ever smarter these days, thanks to the integration with voice assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa into everyday appliances, not to mention the smartphone which seems to have an app for virtually everything. Since the house is meant to be a safe space for the family to rest and relax in, why not consider beefing up your home’s security with igloohome’s latest offering, the aptly named Smart Padlock?

 The Smart Padlock is a versatile, remotely-managed security solution which will offer homeowners with a convenient access method in order to control to their properties and assets. Airbnb hosts would certainly find the built-in innovative PIN code technology useful, since it enables owners to grant remote access without requiring the users to download an app before that. Visitors and guests would also find it convenient, since not everyone would have a data plan ready at hand, especially if they are a tourist in the area.

Touted to be the ideal security tool for granting time-sensitive access, the Smart Padlock is currently targeting an Indiegogo campaign launch. Property owners will be able to grant access to their homes, yards, facilities, and other rooms armed with it to virtually anyone: from guests to handymen or other family members through a couple of unique options: PIN codes or Bluetooth keys. PIN codes can be sent over any communication mode including SMS, email or Facebook Messenger. Upon receipt, the user just needs to key in the PIN code on the padlock, and they will work immediately as long as it is within the set time window.

Alternatively, Bluetooth keys can be sent over smartphone, but this will only work if the users are within proximity of it. Upon receiving the Bluetooth key from the owner, all users need to do is to tap ‘unlock’ on the app, and the Smart Padlock will unshackle. We do hope to see more variants of such smart padlocks make their way to the market in the future.

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