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The Igloo Party Cooler is for the serious summer funsters

Igloo Cooler

Do you know anyone who not only throws a great summer BBQ, but lives for them? Is that person you? Does grilling meat and hearing that fizzy crack and pop of a soda can opening refresh you in a way that not many things can? If this fits you perfectly, then you want to make sure you not only throw a great party, but have all the most amazing soiree accessories available so that it is the most talked about event in the neighborhood.

Should you happen to be lucky enough to have space for storing such an item, this Igloo Party Bar Cooler will certainly be a point of conversation. Not only is it a cooler that will keep drinks cold in its 125qt¬†compartment, but it uses LEDs to let guests who need to wet their whistle see what they’re reaching for. You’ll have options to keep the lid on to retain the cold as long as possible, or take it off completely to show off the goods.

This can stay inside or out, and can be easily moved as it’s on rolling wheels that lock to make sure this can’t slide its way into the pool. There are removable dividers to separate soda, spirits, and more, and it’s deep enough that even 2 liters can be stored with ease. While there’s a little bit of construction necessary to get the ball rolling, you’ll only need four AA batteries at a time after that for the lights. If you’re in need of a cooler and like the cut of this particular model’s jib, then you’ll be looking at paying out around $189 to get one.

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