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iGala wireless digital picture frame

Digital photo frames are dime a dozen, but some of them do come with added functionality such as Wi-Fi connectivity these days. The iGala wireless digital photo frame is one such device, allowing you to not only display your favorite digital memories across its 8″ touchscreen display in 800 x 600 resolution, you will also be able to use it to read your latest Gmail, check out the most recent news, traffic and weather information, while remaining connected to Flickr directly for easy album management thanks to the touchscreen display. Would you be willing to part with $239 for this, or do you think the Wi-Fi connectivity is pretty much redundant since most cell phones these days are already able to access your online photo albums and Gmail?

Source: Engadget

1 thought on “iGala wireless digital picture frame”

  1. If you think using a mobile phone to access online photo albums is comparable, consider your 80-year-old grandmother. (1) She’s not likely to be fiddling around with mobile browsers, and (2) even if she does, the screen would be too small for senior eyes.

    I think this iGala sounds like a great grandma gift. Just set it up for her once, and start pushing grandkid photos to it. She doesn’t have to do anything.

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