i-Fly Vamp arrives in time for Halloween

i-flyvampFor those of you who are interested in that extra scare for this Halloween might want to invest in the i-Fly Vamp.

This is exactly what you think it is, a toy bat that can be remote-controlled. It is about 13 grams in weight and has a ten inch wingspan to fly like an ornithopter. The i-Fly Vamp comes with an extra pair of wings.

The Vamp has a lightweight rechargeable Lithium Polymer flight battery that is capable of ten minutes of flight time for every half hour’s worth of charging. The controller requires 6 AA batteries to operate.

It even has some eerie green LED eyes for a little extra shock value. Just imagine the trick or treaters coming to your house with this guy!

When they go “trick or treat”, you can just say “trick”, and then swoop this i-Fly Vamp on them. Yeah, make them think that there is some vampire that is going to get them. Ha-ha-ha.

Actually, it probably would take quite some set up to make a trick like that work. I mean, it’s not like the trick-or-treaters can’t see that you’re holding a remote!

Anyway, you should be able to grab the i-Fly Vamp on the Genie Gadgets site for about £19.95.