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iDrum won't turn you into a superstar overnight

Don’t you just love the way you are able to do just about anything with an iPhone? “There’s an app for that”, or so the saying goes, and with the $69.99 iDrum which will start shipping at the end of this month onwards, you are able to make music with seven drums – virtual drums, that is. After all, the iDrum is a seven piece drum kit that will hook up to your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad sans wires, relying on Bluetooth connectivity to get the job done. Just like how you need not judge a book by its cover, so too, should you not judge the effectiveness of the iDrum by its size. With the free iDrum Sound System app, you are able to jam alongside your favorite music with many styles to choose from. Heck, there is even the option of recording and playing back your drum sessions, and for those who want to pick up drumming, you can learn how to drum along using pre-programmed songs. Apart from that, there are additional free iDrum games in the Dream Cheeky Arcade that you can kill time with – talk about having a smashing session anytime, anywhere without having to rent a studio! The thing is, the iDrum will not turn you into a drumming legend overnight…]]>