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i-Dodge helps you text and walk safely

idodgeSo, you are pleased as punch with your brand new smartphone, perhaps the HTC 10 that was recently unveiled or the slightly older Samsung Galaxy S7? Regardless, you are enamored with your new handset, and simply cannot leave your eyes (and fingers, of course) off it. This is fine if you are sitting down at home, but if you are on the move, then there is a danger of bumping into someone. This is where the i-Dodge comes in handy, where it comes with a patent pending pedestrian proximity light system, warning you whenever you are about to hit something while your eyes are on the screen.

In other words, you can maintain your physical safety and your social profile at the same time, now how about that? This is truly a unique case that lights up in direction of closest potential commuter crash. It works thanks to a cutting-edge sensor chip that will access the phone camera for information, arriving in a slimline external case that boasts of a light. Should the case glow in amber, then an object is nearing from that direction and you can make use of your peripheral vision to make adjustments to your trajectory.