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iDevices wants to turn your home smart with the Socket

socketI know that we are moving in the direction of having everything that is smart – a smartphone, a smart car, and a smart home, but of course. Well, iDevices, being a preeminent brand in the smart home industry, have just announced the availability of Socket. Just what the heck is Socket? Socket is the latest innovation which will enable one to transform any ordinary light bulb out there into a “smart” one, which is a connected bulb – and it does so quickly and easily. What do you need to do? It is pretty simple – all that is required would be to simply screw the Socket into your favorite lighting fixture, before inserting any standard bulb so that you can enjoy the ability to control your lighting regardless of where you are.

Not only that, when you make use of the free iDevices Connected app, you will then be able to take advantage of Socket’s dimming functionality as well as customizable color light ring, letting you set the perfect ambiance so that it can fit just about any moment. With its compact, discreet design, it will be able to blend with any home décor, and it can also fit easily into standard lighting receptacles. With the assistance of Siri voice commands, you can then have full control over the power and brightness to your lights.

Socket happens to be the latest evolution in iDevices’ line of connected home products, where it has been specially designed to provide users with a simple method of customizing their home and enhance everyday life. You can also add iDevices products to your home Wi-Fi network, all the while securely pairing them to the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. With simple navigation, users can create dynamic schedules and group products into “scenes.” All iDevices products will be backed by a world-class U.S. based customer service team, so purchasing it should come with the relevant peace of mind.

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