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iDevices introduces the Smart Home Essentials kit

idevices-homeiDevices and the smart home do have a history together, and it looks like this relationship is set to continue with the Smart Home Essentials kit. Not only that, it will also bring with it an Apple HomeKit and Alexa-enabled system that boasts of not one or two, but three iDevices Sockets (which are connected light bulb adapters), five iDevices Switches (indoor connected plugs) and a couple of iDevices Outdoor Switches (rain-tight connected plugs).

The iDevices Smart Home Essentials kit will be different from the other smart home systems that are on the market, as it does not need any central hub, gateway or bridge to work. Such a premium selection of smart home products will also arrive with a first of its kind, exclusive Concierge Service. This Concierge Service provides users with priority support access as well as the ability to set appointments with iDevices’ smart home experts for everything, ranging from product setup all the way to advanced use tutorials.

This special Concierge Service will also let users have priority access to the iDevices team of U.S.-based smart home experts. You can choose to schedule a personalized, guided setup, making sure that the transition to a smart home is simple and seamless. iDevices will also deliver personalized tips, tutorials and exclusive promotions in order to take full advantage of what the Smart Home Essentials kit has to offer, and when you’re good to go, the connected app functions as the central controller.

The Essentials kit is basically a smart home foundation which users can dynamically expand upon with new products and customizations in the future. A range of in-wall solutions were also released recently, letting one have the choice of building a personally-tailored bundle down the road.

The iDevices Smart Home Essentials kit would retail for $499 a pop if you are interested.

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