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Identity Theft Thwarting Aluminum Wallet might save you a whole lot of heartache

identity-theft-walletWe happen to live in a highly connected world these days, so much so that there is a slew of microchips and what not which would make up part of our everyday retinue. The microchips in our credit cards, for instance, do pose a security risk it seems, and if you are extremely paranoid about others actually stealing your identity through the various cards in your wallet, then the $39.95 Identity Theft Thwarting Aluminum Wallet might be a good idea after all.

To clean up the mess left behind after your identity has been stolen can be quite a tedious and time consuming affair, so perhaps this clamshell wallet made from lightweight aluminum will offer some degree of comfort. It will help to keep cash organized as well as credit cards protected from identity thieves. How does it go about doing its job? Well, this particular wallet would completely enclose its contents, where it blocks out the radio signals that are emitted by RFID chips in today’s credit and debit cards, hence thwarting electronic pickpockets. It looks good as well, boasting of a brushed-silver aluminum shell which will feature a smooth front, and it can slide in a jiffy into a pocket and a ribbed back that delivers a sure grip. Within lies seven PVC pockets that fan out when the wallet is opened.

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