Identify Bugs with the Talking Magnifier Spark

Spark Identifier

This is one of the coolest educational toys I’ve seen, the Spark ™ Talking Bug Identifier. It can magnify up to 2X actual size, nothing too cool there but what makes this a must have toy for any budding entomologist (I had to look that word up) are the “Yes” “No” buttons.

Once your youngster is studying the insect in the magnifier, instead of trying to burn it to a crisp with the help of the sun, they can answer a few “yes and no” questions asked by the magnifier which will then identify what the insect is.

So this gadget is educational, useful and sort of fun and if it identifies a dangerous insect it will sound a warning alarm. So you next time your on holiday you’ll know before you are bitten whether an insect is dangerous or not.

The Spark ™ Talking Bug Identifier is available from Discovery for $19.95.