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IDAPT i2+ universal charger

While modern technology has advanced to such a point where we are extremely blessed to enjoy the latest and greatest gadgets even when you’re on the road, there is still one bane that hardware manufacturers are trying to overcome – that of not having enough battery life to last throughout the day. Surely iPhone 4 owners as well as other smartphone users will be able to identify with this, especially when they use the phone’s capabilities to the maximum? Well, apart from coming up with a super efficient solar panel affixed to said devices, what other ways can be employed to combat the situation of not having enough power when you need it? We think that practically speaking, making sure your device is charged whenever there is the opportunity to do so is one of them, which is why the IDAPT i2+ universal charger might just fit the bill perfectly. Being the leading mobile technology leader, IDAPT has just announced their latest IDAPT i2+ universal charger which debuted at CES 2011 last month. It basically lets you juice up to a trio of different mobile devices simultaneously, and more importantly, does away with pesky cords which more often than not, tend to clutter up the place badly, and being a tripping hazard in the process. The IDAPT i2+ will sport a couple of charging ports and a bonus USB connection, making it one formidable accessory to have when you travel, meeting all of your mobile electronic charging needs at the same time. The new i2+ will also boast of IDAPT’s unique interchangeable tips system, which should go a long way in making it compatible with more than 4,000 different devices including iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, Nintendo PSP, XBOX controllers, GPS systems and Bluetooth devices. With a “quick release” button, you will be able to swap tips in a jiffy, safe and sound. If you’re interested, the IDAPT i2+ universal charger can be yours for $39.99 at, although it will hit other retailers like PC Richard, Batteries Plus, BiMart,,, and in due time. ]]>