IDAPT Compact Charging Stations

If you’re trying to manage all of those chargers, this IDAPT charging station can handle a few of your gadgets at once.  It’d at least make your desktop a whole lot less cluttered.  You’ll still have just as many gadgets on your desk, but they’ll look a little more organized sitting on this charger than they would scattered all about.  Plus this’ll help free up space as far as your outlets go.

The i2 and i3 models are two different sizes.  The i2 will accommodate two of your gadgets, whereas the i3 has three different ports.  When you purchase one you’ll also receive six popular charging tips.  If out of those tips you don’t find what you need, there are twenty-two available, so you can always order a different one.  Through those available tips, they’ll apparently take care of 3,500 different gadgets.  The charging station can also handle your rechargeable batteries.  You can purchase one for £20 or about $30.  As for the i3, it will cost you £30 or about $45.

Source: ForeverGeek

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