ID Pilot Wire Identification Labels

ID Pilot Wire Identification Labels in action
It’s nice to find something that’s cheap, simple, cheap again, and battery-free. Well, I don’t mean to gloat or anything, but I’ve found something that fits all of those categories perfectly, and who knows, maybe you’ll even want to get it for yourself. They’re called ID Pilot Wire Identification Labels and they solve a problem every geek has — knowing which wire is which.

To solve this problem, you’re not going to buy some cable manager that magically sorts out all your cables, or a super wire that somehow combines all of your wires into one. Instead, you’re going to use these labels, which, quite simply, are stickers with little pictures on them. There are three sets of pictures, one for the office, one for various electronics, and one for regular old household wires.

The idea is that whenever you add a new gadget into your life, which is a wonderful time indeed, you’ll plop a label onto each of its wires. Then, when you need to fix whatever went wrong or do a bit of rearranging/tinkering, you know exactly which wire goes to which device. I know you’ve had that “Oh crap. . .” moment where you had to unplug every wire in your surge protector before you got to the one you needed, or maybe you’ve come across an old charger with the device’s name it charges nowhere to be found on it. These labels solve both of those problems, if you remember to put the labels on, of course.

I already met the battery-free and simple categories, time to fulfill on the cheap one, and don’t worry, I’ll do it. Each pack, which is about 30 stickers, is $6, or you can buy all three packages for $17. Maybe that’s a bit high for stickers, but any other cable-management device is surely more expensive.

Product Page – [via GizWizBiz]

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