The new ID of the future?

One of reasons why I go to CES is to see the newest gadgets. Some of these new devices are definitely planned to be out this year, and some will be out years from now. Watch the video of the RFID card reader with the OLED display and see which category that falls under.

Essentially, it is an ordinary card reader for reading an ordinary ID. As soon as the card goes over the reader, an OLED screen comes alive, and gives a 3D view of the face. I don’t think that the 3D effect is true 3D, but it is enough to let the user see a face at many angles like a mugshot, and even a close-up.

There are those who find this technology “creepy”. I believe my source says this puts the “eep” in “creep”. In all honesty, I believe that this is where the future is headed when it comes to ID, no doubt about it. If we really want RFID, OLED, and 3D tech, then this is what we are going to get when it comes to personal identification. Did we really doubt otherwise? I mean, it would be like inventing the camera and being surprised that photos appear on our driver’s licenses.

The only thing that really scares me is that the ID card says “Specimen”. Excuse me? I thought that this is a human being that we are seeing in the picture here. Maybe that’s what is freaking everyone out.

Thanks to Netbook news for the source of the story!