id America’s Carbon Back-Skin

I got a chance to try out the Carbon Back-Skin from id America, and it is a way of putting some faux carbon fiber protective film on the back on an iPhone 4.
You might be wondering what the point is of putting a carbon fiber on the back of an iPhone. The first would be the cool tactile texture, and the other is an extra layer of protection from nicks and scratches.
The Carbon Back-Skin comes with one faux carbon fiber protective film, one microfiber cleaning cloth, and a squeegee for film application. By the way, the special adhesive does not leave any residue so it can be applied multiple times.
If you go to id-America’s official site, then you can see the Back-skin being used with the company’s Gasket Case. It almost looks like they were made for each other. You should probably check out more of id America’s products while you are there.
The Carbon Back-Skin faux carbon fiber protector for the iPhone 4 is available right here for about $9.99. It seems to only have one color, and that is black. It would probably be better if it was offered in multiple colors, but that doesn’t seem to be happening.