The IcyBreeze is a cooler that can defeat the scorching heat of summer


When summer hits, the only days we want to be out are those that are not too hot or humid. We can manage when it gets a little cooler, but when it’s hot there are only so many layers of clothing you can remove and glasses of water you can drink before you run out of options to cool off. We’ve all had a time or two where the air conditioner dies because it simply cannot keep up with how hard it needs to constantly run.

If you are always looking for a chilly drink and sitting in front of a fan, then the IcyBreeze would likely be your new best friend. It may look like a typical rolling cooler, but it has the ability to be a portable air conditioner as well. It can hold 30 pounds of ice, and can make that last for up to 7 days if you’re not running the air conditioning aspect. There are handles on either side if you’d prefer to carry this, or a pull handle to tote it around like carry-on luggage. The lid has two cup holders which are right next to the controls for the air system.

There are 3 fan speeds which can blow up to 25 miles per hour, and can blast out air 30 degrees lower than the ambient temperature. To get the cold air flowing, dump 2 quarts of water in with your ice and drinks, turn it on, and the water will come through a radiator, either blowing out of the vent or the flexi-hose. You can run it off of the rechargeable battery for anywhere from 2.5-6 hours, or run it continuously by plugging it in. It’ll take about 5 hours to charge up from a dead battery. Should you be interested in this neat idea, be prepared to pay the price of $349. While this probably helps you beat the heat, the cost of convenience isn’t always worth it.

Available for purchase on icybreeze, found via incrediblethings