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The Iconspeak Shirt is a must-have for jet-setters

IconSpeak Shirt

Have you ever found yourself going on a trip to a country you don’t speak the language of? While having a pocket dictionary and doing your best to learn the language before you go can be useful, there are times where you need universal signs to help you out. Most of the time you can try and play charades with helpful strangers, but if you suck at playing the game, you have to figure something else out.

While trying to find the equivalent on your phone is always a good bet, you also don’t want to deal with insane data charges if you’re not connected to WiFi. That’s where the Iconspeak Shirt comes in. This is a t-shirt with 40 icons on the front that all signify things that you might need during your trip. There’s everything from mechanic and hospital to WiFi and beer.

This is a great idea, and would probably save a lot of awkward silences between you and anyone you come across in the country you’re visiting. These shirts come in tank, t-shirt, and long sleeve styles, but if you’d rather not pay $33-44 for something you’d have to wash every night, there’s also a tote bag for $22 that will do the exact same thing. It’s a great idea, and depending on the length of your stay you might only need to invest in one. Hopefully they’ll expand this line to phone decals and other items that you don’t have to sweat and get dirty in!

Available for purchase on iconspeak