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Iconoclock tells the time as it is

iconoclockWe are well aware that there are many icons out there on our devices – ranging from tablets to smartphones, and who would have thought that such a few pixels are able to convey a straightforward message without any kind of misinterpretation? Well, since we are familiar with icons, why not take the step to incorporate those into a regular wall clock? After all, it is the new year, and it is also about time (pardon the pun) to keep up with the times by going through a minor remodeling of home or office – and changing the clock could be a good place to start. Enter the $74.95 Iconoclock, which is a wall clock that points out each hour with approximations of familiar app icons.

Obviously inspired by the iPhone’s glass touchscreen display, this timepiece would mark the Noon hour with an email app icon that depicts a dozen messages in the inbox, while the music app’s triplet note icon would mean it is 3 o’clock at that point in time. As for 9 o’clock, you can tell it is that time thanks to the “gears” of a settings app icon. Powered by a single AA battery, its crystal face delivers a similar jet black yet glossy background as the ubiquitous smartphone.