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ICOCO Portable Humidifier – freshen up!

ICOCO Portable Humidifier

When you live in a hot and dry area, it can be hard to feel hydrated even when you’re drinking enough water! The sun is sometimes hot enough to cook an egg on the pavement, and getting into a car that had the windows rolled up without a reflector is like voluntarily climbing into an oven. Additionally, anything that has been sitting in the car will give off an odor, whether that means snacks, gym clothes, or anything the dog might’ve left behind.

 Since we like to look, feel, and smell our best, we want to make sure that we’re combating the dry, arid place we live in with a humidifier. Since we can’t take the big Vick’s version we grew up with everywhere we go, this little ICOCO Car Humidifier can tag along in its place. This is a handheld device that will act as a negative ion sprayer, air refresher, car oil diffuser, and air humidifier. Thanks to a fancy nozzle, this shoots out atomized particles that will be easily absorbed by the skin.

There are two modes and several accessories, the first mode is accompanied by a yellow LED. This mode will last for two hours and shuts off automatically. The second mode uses a white LED and will last 7 hours with an auto shut-off. Any of the blue, pink, or white color options will cost you around $13, and you’ll need to be careful what essential oils you put in, lest you end up buying and breaking this portable gadget.

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