iClassic Phone Docking Station

The old and the new worlds collide with the $49.99 iClassic Phone Docking Station. As you should be able to deduce from the name of the device itself, it will sport a classic phone design – receiver and all, although there is a docking port available for you to dock your iPhone inside. Basically, whenever you receive a call on your iPhone, you can pick up the receiver on the iClassic Phone Docking Station and start talking away.
It is nice to know that the iClassic Phone Docking Station plays nice with your handset’s very own AC charger, and will come with built-in volume slide switch as well as a receive/disconnect button, accompanied by a flashing blue “light ring” call indicator, and will play nice with majority of the smartphones out there. Heck, it will also juice up your power hungry smartphone whenever it remains docked, and at least you need not worry about having too many unseen rays bombarding your head while you talk. A quartet of ancient C batteries are required to power the blue call indicator light.

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