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ICEdot Crash Sensor – Help is on the Way


One of my favorite things is new automotive tech. I especially loved those systems that could detect an accident and call an ambulance for you. Remember the commercials? “Mr. Jones, we have detected you have been involved in a front end collision, we are alerting the authorities, help is on the way.” I love that. Heck, I love anything that makes me feel safer.
So it should come as no surprise I’m in love with ICEdot’s new Crash Sensor System. Thats right, you can have emergency back-up even while you’re out riding your bike. Available as a small aftermarket item to be installed on a helmet, the “dot” system will be able to detect and measure, force and impact.
The sensor works something like this, if you fall, or get hit by a car, the device recognizes the impact and quickly sends an alarm to your Smartphone at which time a countdown clock is initiated, should you fail to stop the countdown clock, your emergency contacts are immediately called and GPS coordinates of where you wiped out are sent to them as well. Very nice.
While the device was originally made for specifically for the cycling industry, it has the ability to be useful in almost any situation where you might ordinarily wear a helmet, think skiing, rock climbing, skateboarding or even some motorsports… I just like that help will be coming even if I’m not able to ask for it! The system itself looks like it will run about 200 bucks and it may have an associated monthly charge. Look for it next year but in the meantime, visit ice to sign up for more information when it becomes available.