Ice Meister Slider makes it winter in the summer

If you live in the northern hemisphere, then you are about to head into winter. With winter comes snow, and with snow comes fun winter activities like sledding. However, if you live in Australia, then you’re just about to enter into the summer, and there isn’t any chance of sledding unless you own the Ice Meister Slicer.

The Ice Meister Slicer is one of those products that I couldn’t resist reporting on because it takes a concept I’ve always wanted to see and makes it reality. Simply put, the Ice Meister Slicer is a sled that can be used all year.

How is this possible? It has two molds on the bottom called Icers that can be removed from the sled, filled with water, and then frozen. Once the fresh Icer is put on the bottom, it reduces the amount of friction between the sled and the ground, so you can go a-slidin’.

Of course, even if I could go sledding in the summertime, I’m not certain if I could tolerate the stares. I can just see people thinking: “What are you doing sledding in the summer, you moron!”

I’m also not certain how long these Icers would last, especially on a hot summer day. People would really be staring at you if these Icers gave out on the first or second run. “I told you that you can’t sled in the summertime, you moron!”

However, if it worked, just think of all the people cheering you on. Well, if you’re willing to try this out, you’ll only have to pay $70.

Via Coolest Toys