Ice cream flavored toothpastes

toothpaste.jpgWhen I was a kid I used to love to clean my teeth with flavored toothpastes, and most of the time those would be bubble-gum flavored toothpastes. Now if you hit your local supermarket and search for flavored toothpastes I am sure you will find the bubble-gum taste, the strawberry one, and maybe the grape fruit one, but that is all!

With that problem in mind a dentist called Dr. Janelle Holden decided to create a line of toothpastes with new and innovate flavors: “By working with children everyday, Dr. Holden has learned which flavors children respond to best when using toothpastes and prophy pastes. This understanding of children’s favorite flavors has lead to the development of the Tanner’s Tasty Paste line of toothpastes for children. If children enjoy the flavors of their toothpastes, it is likely they’ll brush better and more often. And, if they brush better and more often, they’ll have fewer cavities!”

The flavors you can get are:

  • Banilla Bling: vanilla ice-cream flavored
  • Cha Cha Chocolate: chocolate ice-cream flavored
  • Blingside: orange and vanilla ice-cream flavored
  • Baby-Bling: fluoride-free, vanilla ice-cream flavored

The Cha Cha Chocolate version is actually out of stock, and it will not be available until March 2007 (it makes me wonder if I should try it…). The toothpastes go for $5 each and you can directly from the Tanner’s Tasty Paste website.