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iBUYPOWER offers new Intel 6 Series chipset systems

Looking for a new computer or want to upgrade your current rig? iBUYPOWER has the right kind of systems up your alley, where they have just announced new systems that feature ‘Sandy Bridge’ Intel 2nd Generation Core Processors, boasting the new B3 revision Intel chipsets which will already do away with issues reported by Intel late last month. Among the systems with the revised Intel chipsets include iBUYPOWER’s flagship system, the Chimera XLC, where it will feature its scorching hot flame painted chassis as well as a cooling system that makes it a snap to overclock your system without worrying too much. The Chimera will sport a gargantuan 240mm radiator a 200mm fan and five 120mm fans which will keep things cool – even during the sweltering summer. Apart from that, these new Sandy Bridge CPUs deliver improved overclockability and for customers to take full advantage of this feature, they can do so with iBUYPOWER’s Power Drive Overclocking service. You will be able to choose from a Level 1 (10% faster), Level 2 (20% faster) or Level 3 (30% faster) CPU performance boost. Press Release ]]>