iBreath iPhone/iPod accessory could potentially save lives

I’m not certain if there is a huge market for personal breathalyzer tests, but I definitely think the iBreath is on the right track.

For starters, it is designed to plug right into your iPhone or iPod, which serves as the power source for this electronic breathalyzer. All the inebriated needs to do is blow into the whistle-shaped end there, and he or she will get an automatic readout of his or her Blood Alcohol Level, without an officer ever being present.

There is no doubt that the iBreath could easily save lives, and the life that it saves could be the driver’s. Yet this main feature is not enough for designer David Steele, who took it a step further at put an FM transmitter on it. This will enable the driver to listen to some music off their iPod/iPhone from their car radio. Maybe that will sober him or her up.

Of course, you have to wonder if a person that is too drunk to drive would have enough precautionary sense to use the iBreath. Even if they did use this device, would the potentially drunk driver believe the results? “Hey, I can drive, I know I can. This thing is whack, man.”

According to WikiAnswers, 185,000 people are killed by drunk driving each year. I think that figure might be inaccurately large, but even if the iBreath could save a fraction of those victims, it would be worthwhile. The iBreath’s $80 price tag is a small price to pay for that.