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iBreath Alcohol Breathalyzer for your iPhone or iPod

Just when you thought that iPod accessories consist of nothing but cases, speaker docks and earphones, along comes the iBreath Alcohol Breathalyzer. This is pretty much a self-explanatory device – it allows you to take your own alcohol breath test before your brain cells decide that it is better to catch a cab home instead of attempting to rush headlong into a DUI charge.

The iBreath Alcohol Breathalyzer does not require any batteries to run as it sips power off the iPod it is connected to, and all functions as well as results are shown on the iBreath LCD display. It has a BAC range of 0.000 to 0.100% and comes with a timer to let you know when’s the next time for a test. Nice to see it comes with an integrated FM transmitter as well, transmitting your favorite iPod tunes to just about any FM tuner.

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3 thoughts on “iBreath Alcohol Breathalyzer for your iPhone or iPod”

  1. The Good: Compact. Seems accurate enough. The FM transmitter is a nice bonus.

    The Bad: $90 is way overpriced for the iBreath. I got it on sale for $60, and even that is too high for the quality. It has none of the aesthetic cues of the iPhone. The male connector is missing the little metal locking ears found on genuine Apple connectors. This means that the iBreath does not securely attach to the iPhone. No big deal when using it as a breathalyzer, but it constantly disconnects when using as an FM transmitter (which seems to only work on the bottom end of the spectrum) particularly as it gets jostled in the car.

    The Ugly: The female connector is USB, not iPod/iPhone spec. This means the iPhone won’t recharge when connected to the power adapter through the iBreath (and the iPhone always needs to be recharged). And I now have to have four power cords: iBreath, iPhone, radar detector, and Garmin GPS.

  2. This may not be the most visually pleasing device to have attached to you phone or ipod, but it could be a great device to do some “pre-driving” BAC checking. May save your life or a night in jail if you are questioning whether or not you should drive. Thanks for the article….

  3. This is not an accurate device. I compared one to a professional breath analyser used by the police.
    The error was up to 35% more or less, depending on the person who breath.
    It also showed that a person who was drinking orange juice (and only orange juice) was drunk…
    If I knew that before, I would not spend over $6 on it. You can buy more accurate alcohol detectors at “Dealextreme” for 6-7$ only. No need to destroy your Iphone’s connector…

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