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ibiza Rhapsody WiFi MP3 player

rhapsody-ibiza.jpgFancy a MP3 player that keeps you connected no matter where you go? At least, in areas that have WiFi networks for you to stream songs, podcasts and videos. This highly customizable MP3 player boasts a ton of skins that you will surely find something interesting even if you’re very particular about designs. Sounds like the perfect device for folks who no longer want to pay to own music they already have in many formats, but instead will want to go with the flow, listening to whatever’s currently available.

  • Wireless MP3 player keeps you connected on the go
  • 4GB hard drive; 2.5-inch color LCD; 15-plus hours of battery life
  • Hot button for instant access to millions of songs, podcasts, and videos
  • FM and Internet radio; 1,000 categorized podcasts; over-the-air updates
  • Comes with free 30-day trial for Rhapsody To Go

Unfortunately, this little puppy is currently out of stock. Stay tuned at Amazon if you are extremely interested in picking one up.

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