iBikeConsole lets you enjoy music while cycling

Any cyclist who wants to change tunes on their iPod will definitely find it to be something of a hassle, and in a careless moment, they pose as a safety hazard to themselves and other motorists as well. What better way to change your tunes and control your iPod in a safe manner than with the iBikeConsole?

The iBikeConsole ( ) is a Made for iPod accessory that mounts securely to a bike’s stem or handlebars. The iBikeConsole acts like a docking station for an iPod Nano while also providing a safe and weatherproof housing for the player. In addition, it smartly combines a remote control system with a cycling computer. Cyclists can conveniently monitor their trip – distance and speed, while listening to their favorite tunes. The main functions of the iPod Nano and cycle computer are controlled wirelessly through a pair of patented key pads which can be easily mounted on the bike’s grips and operated with the thumbs. These silicon-covered key pads have large control buttons that can be activated even with gloves on.

Your iPod nano will end up with less battery life than expected since it is the source of power for the main iBike unit, but then again I’m assuming you aren’t training for the Tour de France, are you? Compatible with all three generations of the iPod nano, the iBikeConsole will retail for $86.

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