iBangle puts the iPod on the wrist

When it comes to iPods and other MP3 players, not much has changed about them in the past few years. Sure, the memory is getting better all the time, but the design is the same: they clip on the belt and the obligatory wired earplugs.

This iBangle design concept is a little bit daring as the design fits right on your wrist instead of clipping to your belt. Don’t let its loose look fool you, the iBangle won’t easily slip off like other “clip-on” MP3 players. Apparently, that tiny blue button that you see in the illustration somehow fills the blue area with air, so it fits snug, but hopefully not too snug.

As for the earphones, forget about it! The audio sound is transmitted via wireless earbuds. So how do you navigate through tracks, you may ask? Just use the multi-touch track pad.

Now, if only it had a way to play video files. Perhaps a screen could be put on it, and the iBangle could pass for a watch.

Too bad this iBangle remains only a concept from designer Gopinath Prasana. Apple, this could easily be the next big thing for MP3 Players, so please feel free to put one million iBangles into production.


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