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iBangle puts the iPod on the wrist

When it comes to iPods and other MP3 players, not much has changed about them in the past few years. Sure, the memory is getting better all the time, but the design is the same: they clip on the belt and the obligatory wired earplugs.

This iBangle design concept is a little bit daring as the design fits right on your wrist instead of clipping to your belt. Don’t let its loose look fool you, the iBangle won’t easily slip off like other “clip-on” MP3 players. Apparently, that tiny blue button that you see in the illustration somehow fills the blue area with air, so it fits snug, but hopefully not too snug.

As for the earphones, forget about it! The audio sound is transmitted via wireless earbuds. So how do you navigate through tracks, you may ask? Just use the multi-touch track pad.

Now, if only it had a way to play video files. Perhaps a screen could be put on it, and the iBangle could pass for a watch.

Too bad this iBangle remains only a concept from designer Gopinath Prasana. Apple, this could easily be the next big thing for MP3 Players, so please feel free to put one million iBangles into production.


13 thoughts on “iBangle puts the iPod on the wrist”

  1. hello. i am ram. india. i want to take ibangle. but i dont have any details abt that. i want details abt ibangles. where to buy? how much it was? pls send it availble in india?

  2. this sounds really cool. That would be great for people that constantly listen (usually with 1 headphone) to ipods. And ram, if u read it rite, u wouldve cn that it is a concept and not available. It would be awsome if it was tho, i would get one straight away (as long as it wasnt too expensive).

  3. GREAT IDEA…and here I was thinking of inventin wireless headphones -__- I’d still buy the ibangle!

  4. Dee ray, compton ca. Pretty sick if you ask me . My only concern is if the sound quality matches up to beats by dre, or skull candy. If not then I will stay with what I have.

  5. how can i get it? is it available in india? if yes so where in india????????? whats the cost of it….????

  6. @ben or anyone else I was too. Iive been looking into it pretty seriously .. I race offroad so I need t loud enough to be heard over a really loud motor but also need to go over top of my other earbud which is a tiny insert that goes all the way in your ear canal so should be easy…racing is so hard in dead silence. SOMEONE HELP LETS GET TOGETHER! Or shoot make it so I can buy it 🙂 xo

  7. i’m still not quite sure about what it does. Does it connect with your iPhone and just let the music play non-personal or can you connect headphones u p to it and have your own tunes downloaded on to it?

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