i3Display offers a unique commercial solution for stores to display their wares

i3displayIf you are a store owner, running a small mom and pop business, or happen to own a huge chain of stores across the country (or countries), I am quite sure that you are more than familiar with the power of advertising which could help push sales figures through the roof. Each physical store has a limited amount of square footage, so with the large number of items that you are carrying in there, the different brands would be competing against one another for the eyeballs of customers. M3Tech of Malaysia has come up with a rather unique solution in the form of the i3Display, which will function as an intelligent salesman mechanism.

For instance, you might not have enough sales personnel to attend to the customers walking through the store, so they can always make use of the i3Display to check out the kinds of items that you already happen to have on your shelves by flipping through a digital kiosk. There is an Android-powered display which will arrive with 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, making it a snap to update a slew of kiosks throughout an entire store with new information. Of course, it is always good to have a back up, and M3Tech does offer you the chance to update these kiosks individually and manually using an SD memory card or a USB flash drive.

The interface depends on what the client wants to display, and there are a few levels on the menu system so that a store that carries, for example, 10 different brands, will be able to showcase a slew of devices or items under various categories. It will arrive in three form factors – the usual boring kiosk that we see at shopping malls these days, as well as arriving in a floor stand; where one has a single display, while the other would be a dual display version.

Screen sizes of the LED displays range from 42” to 46”, and they are all on wheels for easy transportation and moving around. Bear in mind that this is meant for indoor use only, as there are many other issues to take into consideration when one moves into the outdoor realm. Right now, we do know that the Android-powered screens will run on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean which should be sufficient for most commercial users.

There is also another version which will run on the Raspberry Pi platform, and that is more flexible since it boasts of the capability to display multiple brands and multiple products as mentioned earlier. All in all, this is definitely a greener way of advertising a ton of items in your store to the masses, and it also lets those who prefer to browse alone do so at their own pace without being seemingly “harassed” by store assistants. Those who are interested will be able to rent such kiosks for several days’ use, or to purchase it outright (with full support thrown into the package) for a more cost effective and long term advertising effort.

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