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I-1 Analog Instant Camera – Take Your Indie Hipster Cred to a Whole New Level

I1 ANalog Instant Camera

We generally tend to use whatever camera is available at the cheapest price for the best quality. Those who can afford to get the higher ticket items that have better lenses and features usually get things that are for specific projects that are more technologically advanced. There are those who appreciate vintage machinery though, making art by polishing up old relics that produce as beautiful of an end result as the carefully cared for product from which it came.

While Polaroid cameras were all the rage a few decades ago, they resurfaced as a hot item that was difficult to get your hands on. The I-1 Analog Instant Camera has taken that Polaroid craze and created a product that will suit the advanced yet retro aesthetic. This takes the point and shoot that we loved from Polaroid and adds in a ring light that will give you diffused light for portraits.

Since this is working with the modern world, you can also connect it to your iPhone and add in light painting, double exposure, and other goodies. If you would prefer the aperature and shutter speed to be in your complete control, you only need to switch over to manual mode. While it’s going to be an initial sticker shock at $349.99, it does at least come with three packs of film. It can work with I-type and 600 type film, which of course will take more money to get it developed. Happy shooting!

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