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I Wallet – Digital Pictures in Your Back Pocket

I Wallet

We did a comparison on digital photo frames recently, here we have a new sort of frame especially for your wallet, the I Wallet.

If your the kid of person who travels a lot and has to leave behind family or friends, you may find you miss them. You could carry around a pile of photographs, but they may get damaged or lost. What you want is the I Wallet.

The I Wallet features a small digital viewing device that you can store your favorite photographs and recorded messages on, and be able to view them at any time. Just plug it in to your PC and upload the desired images. Then all you need to do is put it in your wallet and go.

So now you can see all those friendly faces when they’re not around, and you have a quality leather wallet for your cards and cash.

I must admit considering the overall size of it the screen looks a bit on the diddy side. The I Wallet will set you back £44.99 (~$90) from DS.