I Like Big Butts and I Cannot Lie

Water Butts

We’re all into saving the planet’s resources, so let’s at least make it a bit more fun. The days of the big black water butt may be on their way out due to the new Butt Butt.

It’s a quirky water butt in the shape of a human bottom and has an outlet tap – just where an outlet tap should be – and is available in three colors/skin tones. It has a flat front so will fit flush (sorry!) to the wall or shed and can be connected directly to the down pipe with a diverter kit.

Not sure if my grandmother would approve if my granddad got one of these attached to his shed, but hey, he’s saving water!

Designed jointly by Shack Up, Hemingway Design and Straight PLC and available at selected B&Q stores from 24 August 2007 priced at £89.98 (but check first if they have them as there are only a limited number being distributed). More info over at Water Butts found via NetKulture.