i-Home iH8, yet Another iPod Dock with an Alarm Clock!

i-Home iH8
SDI Technologies proudly presents the new i-Home iH8, yet another iPod dock with an alarm clock. The iH8 is the new updated version of the i-Home iH5, and is compatible with your iPod, iPod mini, iPod Photo and iPod nano. The new version has a new design that’s very similar to the , and a LCD screen that’s large enough to tell what time it is, or which song is playing.

The i-Home iH8 is equipped with two 3W speakers, and comes with a remote control. You can use it with the AC adapter or with batteries. As expected, you can wake up to the sound of your favourite tunes, or with the FM/AM radio. The iH8 has a dimmer function so the light from the screen won’t bother you while you’re sleeping, and a sleep timer that can be set to reduce the volume of the songs gradually when you’re falling asleep.

There’s the obligatory snooze button that allows you to sleep for another 10 minutes. You can adjust the treble and bass and save a different set for iPod playback and radio. You can also adjust the balance between the left and right channels.
Like all other iPod docks out there, the iH8 will charge your iPod, as long as it is docked. There’s nothing really ground breaking here, but if you were looking for a new alarm clock with an iPod dock, this might be worth checking.

You can find more details at SDI Technologies (translated).

Via AV Watch.

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