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Hypoallergenic Tongue Cleaner gets you ready for your date

tongue-cleanerGoing out for a date is definitely something that every couple should do at least once a month, regardless of how long they have been married or together. After all, it helps you to reconnect with one another, and just like any other date out there, you should make sure that you dress up to look your best as though it was the first time you met one another. While brushing your teeth and taking a nice bath, not to mention slapping liberal doses of cologne on you would work, how about brushing your tongue? You know, to get rid of all that nasty white stuff. If you intend to do so, you might as well get it done right and in style, with the $59.95 Hypoallergenic Tongue Cleaner.

The Hypoallergenic Tongue Cleaner happens to be made from medical-grade titanium, where this is the tongue cleaner that removes the bacteria, plaque, and germs which are the direct result of bad breath and tooth decay. Instead of falling back on a toothbrush, oral health professionals have recommended daily use of this specialized device since it cleans the tongue’s surface more efficiently, removing germs and buildup, and even assisting one to improve one’s sense of taste. This will be a Hammacher Schlemmer exclusive, as it has been invented by a dentist and microbiologist, with the cleaner being forged from uru metal – I jest, but rather, the same safe metal used in medical and dental implants.

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