Hyperdrive photo wallet

“Photo wallets” are nothing new – devices to back up your memory card to a hard drive have become common in the past few years. The Sanho Hyperdrive is one such device and while it may not be the newest product concept there’s still room for a well implemented one.

The Hyperdrive has a rechargable Li-Ion battery, takes a whole list of card formats that I’m not going to bother retyping (most of them), shows up as a PC hard drive via USB and has the usual “press one button to dump the card” function.

Things I like:

  • It doesn’t try to be a photo viewer, video player or TV adapter
  • It is available as an empty chassis for you to put your own hard drive
  • It verifies the data has copied correctly before wiping your card
  • it’s fast

The bare chassis is $149, the 160gb version is $399 and you can get them from